Hustle Den

The Hustle Den is Pittsburgh’s newest startup incubator, annually housing fifteen to twenty early-stage startup teams across all industries.  Participants in the Hustle Den program will receive one full year of access to the incubator space, which will provide each team with desk space, access to breakout rooms and conference rooms, and internet access.  But most importantly, the Hustle Den will leverage its members’ networks to provide mentorship, instruction and programming, and ultimately investor relationships.

We believe that the best businesses are grown by the hungriest individuals, which is why the Hustle Den will provide top of the line infrastructure rather than cash investment.  We are also ultimately committed to the entrepreneurs, not the investors, so Thrill Mill, Inc. – a Pennsylvania non-profit organization currently preparing its federal 501c3 filing – will take a 5% stake in each for-profit company. Consequently, the entire organization will grow stronger with each successful exit.

The Hustle Den will be located in East Liberty and has secured three years of funding from an Anonymous Donor.

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