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Because helps online media companies break into the untapped potential of their comment section and turns their site into a social destination for conversation. We make publisher’s content stand out through their online community. We boost customers’ ad revenue while gathering valuable audience information.


BricoMama connects property owners to labor and takes the mystery out of home renovation. The website helps homeowners at every stage of a project by providing an easy way to find, bid, hire, schedule, pay, and review workers.


Campus Buck is a lifestyle brand that provides innovative web and mobile based promotional marketing solutions to small business owners around college universities to help them better engage the student community. The company delivers a modern, data-driven platform designed to help business owners efficiently create, control and analyze promotional campaigns in real-time to help increase customer loyalty and decrease the cost of doing so.


CCChampions is a nonprofit organization that helps kids with cancer through high-impact friendships with pro athletes. So far, we’ve helped 300+ kids, been featured in the Harvard Business Review, and honored as a “Hero Among Us” by the Boston Celtics.

We launched our national platform in Pittsburgh in 2013, in partnership with the MLB, NHL, Children’s Hospital, and teams like the Steelers & Pirates. We can’t wait to hit it out of the ballpark here in Pittsburgh in 2014 and start opening chapters across the country for the 353,000 child cancer patients in the U.S.!


Fittsburgh is making Pittsburgh a healthier place to live. This online and in-person community empowers every Pittsburgher to move more and eat well by making healthy an easy, cool choice.


KREIDE provides NCAA member institutions with educational compliance materials. Comprehensive and comprehendible breakdowns of NCAA regulations help both the athletics staff and the student-athletes from committing infractions. We do the grunt work so you can focus on the game!


Smart Tools from MedZen are ready to revolutionize the Primary Care Physicians. Our user-friendly diagnostic tools reduce the burden of documentation. Together with a compliant Electronic Heath Record system, our hardware-software solution ensures compliance, reduces overheads, improves efficiency and enhance quality of doctor-patient interaction.


MeshNet is designing a big data platform that will optimize convergence between students, educators, and employers. Our fundamental passion to change the way that humans interact with technology has led us to build an experience in which a person uses software as both an intelligent navigator for life’s many choices as well as a vehicle to achieve their ideal self.


Rachael Bane, Jimena Quan, and Lia Vaccaro, founders of MIX Salad Concept are developing a specialty salad delivery service that will provide fun and nutritious lunches to time-crunched professionals. is an online music distribution company which specializes in the promotion of local talent. Users may sign up, upload, share, and eventually sell their works. In addition to this, users will be able to create custom merchandise and sell tickets to their shows. Our goal is to become the craigslist of music.


Portal offers premier hardware solutions that allows users to maximize their productivity and mobility. Our featured product improves upon the present laptop; we call it ‘Dual’. ‘Dual’ is an attachable mobile work station for laptops, which benefits the user by providing additional USB ports, extending battery life and adds an equally sized secondary screen that can be conveniently hidden while not in use. ‘Dual’ is a groundbreaking must-have for tech-savvy workers and students.


TameraOnline Cosmetics Distribution is an exporter and distributor of high quality cosmetics to emerging countries, currently parts of Asia pacific, where women do not have comparable access to those products as we do in the US. TameraOnline connects brands to fast growing markets through our retail and subscription services. We use our deep knowledge of the target market to provide sales based competitive intelligence to brand owners. At the moment, we have shipped more than 2,000 orders and have 1,000 customers. We are actively looking for brands to increase our portfolio.

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