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Thrill Mill, Inc. is a non-profit¬†organization that provides office space, cash, programming, and mentorship to early-stage startups across all industries. Thrill Mill also hosts Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, a massive celebration of Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurship system that also serves as Thrill Mill’s investor showcase.¬†The purpose of Thrill Mill is to create an organic, self-sustaining cycle of entrepreneurial growth that will invigorate the strong entrepreneurial core of students and professionals, generate new businesses and jobs in the Pittsburgh region, thus attract new investors and ultimately create a cycle of innovation that will drive Pittsburgh as the next generation matures.

Thrill Mill, Inc. is headquartered at 6022 Broad Street, 2nd Floor, in East Liberty.

The Founding Team behind the Thrill Mill:

Luke Skurman

Bobby Zappala

Kevin Heher

Serge Smailbegovic

Alex Palma

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